Short Fiction

“End of the World Talk Show”

Hyperion and Theia, Vol. 1: Saturnalia

A lonely apprentice in a post apocalyptic town unwittingly tunes into the broadcasts of a girl trekking across the deserted United States, believing she’s the last person on Earth.

“My Name Was Never Frankenstein”

My Name Was Never Frankenstein: And Other Classic Adventure Tales Reanimated

A quest for revenge and redemption plagues a young woman’s mind as she ventures across the Arctic sea in search of a monster.

“Nothing interesting ever happens in the old radio station, not since well before the apocalypse, anyway.”

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“We were on a ship, as was usual for us in those days. Ann, my lady’s maid, was with me, not because I needed a lady’s maid but because while I rarely kept with propriety, there were some customs I simply couldn’t eschew without causing undue concern.”

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